Oct 9, 2017

Certification and labeling: a major step forward for IoT security

The European Commission has recently launched its Cybersecurity Act to further improve EU cyber resilience and response. ENISA, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, is granted full operational capabilities for cybersecurity market. This move is a major step towards security certification and labeling standards across the different IoT applications.

One of the key principles for efficient security is “security by design”, rather than security after the facts! Most of the IoT projects are still at the proof of concept or prototyping level; in many cases, security is either overlooked or not existing at all. As roll out time is approaching, it is now a good timing for IoT developers to pay attention and to set up efficient security.

Security solutions coming from the smart security industry are available, qualified and scalable to support IoT market needs. An advantage for smart security solutions is they already comply with the highest security standards. The other advantage is that they simplify device life cycle management, from provisioning secret keys to continuously monitoring security along the device life cycle.

IoT is becoming a very challenging market, with fierce competition among players; for sure, the winners are those who anticipate the market trends and offer solutions in due time. Anticipating security with smart security solutions provide the assurance to be on the winner side!

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