Jan 31, 2017

IoT and Data Breach

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 900 major data breaches were recorded worldwide in 2016, up from 783 in 2014. In the hyper connected world, this is not really a surprise!

What is more surprising is that only 4.5% of the breaches occurred in the financial services, and more than 80% were reported in the medical, health, business, industrial sectors. It looks like hackers are more interested in our data and our assets than ever.

With billions of connected devices that will be exchanging trillions of data with servers with low and no security, it is likely that data breaches will be exploding if we are still considering security as an afterthought in the development cycle

For decades, the Smart Security Industry has deployed technologies to protect personal data of citizens; in the same way, this Industry can protect data in the IoT network, without disrupting the user convenience. What are we waiting for?

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