Mar 28, 2017

IoT and Privacy

WikiLeaks recently released documents on a program called “Weeping Angel” that allowed spy agencies to install software on smart TVs. Even when the TV is switched off, it could listen in on conversation!

This is inevitably raising concerns about privacy at a time when we see more connected devices coming into our home.

Of course, hackers do not all have the tools and power than spy agencies can afford; however, we realized with DDOS attacks that it is not too difficult either to take the control of a connected devices that has no or poor security.

Convenience should not come at the expenses of privacy!

The smart security industry has developed and deployed technologies providing security and privacy to people; billion of banking cards and ID devices embedding a Secure Element have been deployed without major breaches on privacy.

The same technologies can be deployed to protect the connected devices at home; smart security leaders and recently distribution companies are offering a full set of technologies and services allowing the use of Secure Element embedded into smart home devices. It will allow a high protection against security attacks, it is easy to integrate and cost effective.

At the end of the day, we will ensure that the 3rd digital revolution will bring more convenience without compromises on security and privacy!

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