May 16, 2017

IoT: the Internet of Threats?

After the massive cyberattacks that recently impacted more than 150 countries, the whole world is looking at Microsoft Windows to understand why and how such a cyberattack could have occurred. It is shadowing another cyberattack that occurred few days before and was propagated by a new malware, Persirai.

The successor of Mirai has affected a network of more than 120,000 IP cameras in all parts of the world. By controlling the cameras, hackers have access to the servers and potentially launch new cyberattacks that could be in the same magnitude than the one we are facing now.

The Internet of Things will change our life, it will make the world better and safer; it should not become the Internet of Threats!

There are solutions to tackle the problem and avoid that hackers take control of millions of connected devices. Among these solutions, securing the device is as critical as securing the network and the cloud.

As we reach now the limit of software-based security, the smart security technologies based on hardware have been adapted to protect connected devices. In addition, these technologies are also enabling the deployment of security life cycle management: security updates can be processed as often as necessary.

Some companies are building integrated smart security solutions that minimize the effort for the designers, at affordable cost.

Let’s construct a secure IoT , create trust and accelerate the 3rd digital revolution

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