Jun 1, 2017

The next big companies

In an interview at Les Echos on May 22, 2017, Bill McDermott, General Manager at SAP, declares that IoT is the largest opportunity for SAP over the last 25 years! 

He also mentioned that IoT may lead to the creation of companies that could be even bigger than SAP!  Indeed, market analysts are predicting that IoT will have an annual economic impact between US$ 4 trillion and US$ 11 trillion worldwide by 2025.

As GM of SAP, Bill McDermott is certainly aware that security issues represent the greatest obstacle to IoT growth and it is sure that SAP has developed solutions to tackle the problem at the cloud level. This is valid for the next big companies in IoT that will have little chance to become big if they do not take care of security from the inception. 

The question could also be “who will be the next big company for securing the IoT at the device level?” The majority of IoT designers are looking for integrated security solutions. Therefore, the “big company” candidates will have to deliver solutions all along the security chain, from end to end, and have the bandwidth to deploy their solutions into a highly-fragmented market with no standards emerging yet... not so easy!

The next big company for securing connected devices is probably among the one that anticipated years ago the IoT market expectations, took the risk to invest into solutions for overcoming the IoT market challenges and create trust.

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