Jul 7, 2017

Asia is IoT innovation hotbed

All aspects of IoT innovation are booming at the same time making the Asian continent the epicenter of many IoT developments.

Asia-Pacific companies will pump in US$ 58 billion (EUR 50.7 billion) of research and development spending by the year 2020 into a myriad of solutions across various industries to realize the full potential of IoT, according to Frost & Sullivan.


Many IoT sensor and device manufacturers, based in the Asia Pacific region, are now competing with maximum creativity to gain market recognition.

The most prominent mobile network operators are now setting up the necessary infrastructure in Asia to access billions of devices. China Mobile, world’s largest wireless network operator, is collaborating with other leading players including AT&T, NTT Docomo and Ericsson, to ensure IoT dedicated connections will be available all over its network. In Korea, KT and SKT are fighting to remain the first in IoT: both have announced networks (NB-IoT and LoRa respectively) and are proposing an extended set of products that connect to their networks. At the same time, Sigfox networks are available in the most advanced economies in Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and more …


All these developments are exciting! There is no doubt the future of IoT develops in Asia. But this future IoT boom will only be successful is the IoT the industry proposes in kept secure.


Fortunately, Trusted Objects is turning all its attention to the Asia Pacific market and is ready to accompany all developers in choosing the most appropriate secure solution to fit with their needs. Trusted Objects proposes a high-performance qualified solution for Sigfox and LoRa networks.

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