Fast customization and prototyping

IoT eco-system is huge, comprising about ten vertical markets and tens of thousands projects worldwide.
Such vast ecosystem of devices, of systems and of infrastructures have arisen diversity in security concerns. This has been reflected in the increase in requests for specific security solutions.
Trusted Objects declines a range of services addressing specific security requirements from security assessment at the project start, up to customization of the Secure Element functionalities.
From day one, Trusted Objects’ secure embedded firmware platform has been flexible and customizable.
Specific key size
Specific key derivation function
Custom algorithm
Trusted Objects has set up a fast process for firmware customization and for secure element prototypes delivery.
This capability allows IoT developers the convenience of testing and qualifying the security solution very quickly.
IoT developers are able to leverage Trusted Objects’ security services that help them to accelerate the integration of the right security solution for their IoT applications.