IoT Market

As the 3rd digital revolution is underway,  there is an acceptance that Security and Privacy are the top challenges on the road. This revolution will definitively imply a strong trust from the end users in the IoT ecosystem; this trust can be obtained by securing the connected devices, securing the gateways & cloud, and managing security life cycle .

Securing the connected device:

Billions of connected devices that are inexpensive and left unattended will be rapidly popping up all over the Internet.
The question is how to efficiently protect the whole IoT ecosystem if the connected devices have no or little security ? We recently realized that connected devices would eventually come into play in the cyber security game, and there is a risk that more breaches and attacks will occur.
The challenge is then to build secure enough devices that will neither compromise the whole security chain nor impact significantly the complexity and the cost of the project.

The Secure Element

A secure element, based on a secure hardware & firmware, and personalized by the issuer, is a good answer to this problematic. As billions of secure elements have already been successfully deployed in SIM, Banking Card, eDocuments, the digital security technologies can be adapted and deployed to protect the connected devices
The solutions and services proposed by Trusted Objects and its partners are enabling high security at the device level and facilitate the life cycle security. Those solutions have been conceived to be easy to integrate , ultra low-power and cost effective.