Lifecycle management

Most of the IoT connected devices are likely to run on batteries without physical maintenance for 5 to 15 years depending on the use cases.
To protect the connected devices against the growing threats in the field, it is crucial to manage the connected devices security throughout the entire life cycle since its manufacture.
Once the device in the field, Trusted Objects’ IoT security solution provides a root-of-trust allowing users to successfully and securely manage critical phases of the device lifecycle, such as:
  • Secure reconfiguration of the device in the field : secure update of the host MCU software
  • Secure credential renewed (for instance new certificates)
  • Regular secure replacement of the keys
  • Secure remote management of the device
In addition, Trusted Objects together with its partners, offer end-to-end security solution enabling life cycle management:
  • Secure TLS scheme with  automated provisioning of the Trusted Objects’ Secure Element inside the connected devices and mechanism of revocation from a distant server
  • Secure LoRaWAN scheme with Trusted Objects’ Secure Element supporting keys provisioning in the field