LoRaWAN secure modem

The LoRaWAN™ technology is a wireless Radio Frequency technology developed, standardized and maintained by the LoRa Alliance for public and private networks operating low-cost, low-power nodes and devices for IoT applications.
Security is essential for IoT applications in order to ensure:
  • Mutual authentication of the end-device to the network for proper billing, service and data integrity.
  • Data encryption between the end-device and the application server over the network providing full end-to-end data confidentiality and enabling remote actuators use-cases.
Therefore, authentication and confidentiality are very important features on LoRaWAN.
A solution is to integrate a LoRaWAN personalized TO136 Secure Element in the LoRaWAN modem as a hardware cryptographic solution instead of the default software security solution inside the standard MCU. 
The TO136 Secure Element provides an efficient and robust security solution to address the security requirements by:
  • Authenticating all end-devices on the network.
  • Encrypting and decrypting application’s data.
  • Securing keys generation and storage.
Specially customized to comply with LoRaWAN 1.x specification, Trusted Objects security solution based on the TO136 Secure Element allows to build a highly secure LoRaWAN modem. 
Commercially available at AVNET Silica:
  1. TO136-LoRaWAN-ABP for network and application specific devices
  2. TO136-LoRaWAN-OTAA for application specific and Join Server generic devices
Trusted Objects has developed a project called "Secure LoRaWAN Communication Using a TO136 Secure Element" on hackster.io that demonstrates how to to secure a LoRa setup thanks to Trusted Objects’ TO136-LoRaWAN solution.