Secure TLS connection solution

Trusted Objects brings a solution to billions of connected sensors being IP or non IP compliant (Internet Protocol).
How to establish an end-to-end sensor-to-server security in all configurations?
There is a simple answer: TLS (Transport  Layer Security)
Trusted Objects partners with AVNET Silica to enable a secure TLS for IP-devices and a secure TLS derivative (same functions as the real TLS) for non IP-devices which can be used in two different ways:
  1. The Trusted Objects secure solution based on a Secure Element is used during the TLS handshake which consists in certificate based mutual authentication and secure session key establishment.
    The Trusted Objects‘ solution used as a companion chip, gives the session keys to the sensor microcontroller which will ensure communications security. This solution may be of interest for use cases that require high data rate communications.
  2. The Trusted Objects’ secure solution based on a Secure Element is used for the whole TLS protocol which consists in TLS handshake and secure communications  (including data integrity and data confidentiality if needed).
    This option keeps all sensitive data inside the Secure Element, even if secret keys are renewed at every TLS session. This solution may be of interest for use cases with low data rate communications.
In both cases, Trusted Objects and AVNET Silica enable customers to benefit from a cheap way to personalize and securely store keys and certificates in the Secure Element.
This secure solution in accordance with the TLS 1.2 specification includes:
  • Trusted Objects secure solution based on the TO136 Secure Element used as a companion chip to the sensor microcontroller,
  • AVNET Silica’s TLS stacks for the sensor microcontroller and server APIs for the gateway/sensor provisioning.