Sigfox Secure Modem

Sigfox is a leading provider of dedicated connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Security is essential in the creation of IoT applications as standard modems relying only on simple software security solution are often the target of hackers.
Trusted Objects enables significantly better security on the Sigfox modems with the TO136 Secure Element solution especially adapted for the Sigfox LPWAN platform.
Trusted Objects’ secure firmware embedded in the TO136 Secure Element used as a companion chip to the modem microcontroller, handles the following:
  • Securely stores the device ID, the Network Authentication Key (NAK), the encryption Key (Ke)
  • Performs a strong authentication of a device on the Sigfox network
  • Encrypts the payload on the network
These enhanced security functions are now integrated in Sigfox libraries supplied to all Sigfox modem developers.
This Secure Element solution has a very low consumption level that does not affect the overall consumption of the Sigfox modem.
Trusted Objects partners with AVNET Silica to enable customers to benefit from a secure and a cost effective way to personalize the solution.
Trusted Objects is a member of the Sigfox Partner Network