Use Case – Smart Home

Ultra Low Power - TLS Compatible

Trusted Objects has developed an exclusive solution that brings TLS (Transport Layer Security) to the connection of objects. Generally, TLS is used in internet connections and shown as ‘https’ in the url. Now, with Trusted Objects, authentication, integrity and encryption can be implemented in smart home connections. With its partners, Trusted Objects provides and end-to-end approach including Secure Elements, personalization and end-to-end management of IoT objects used in a Smart Home.
Smart Home includes all automated connected appliances found in most of our homes. For instance, access control, energy efficiency, wellness, home safety, home comfort, entertainment, home intelligence, metering, … all have a place in our homes. In terms of devices, more appliances nowadays, from the washing machine and the thermostat to the fridge are connected creating at the same time an opportunity for new applications and some new security threats. Smart meters are also part of smart homes as they provide data relating to our energy consumption but in bulk (amount of energy consumed in a given period) and in detail (type of usage).
As our homes contain always more connected objects, they have to be always more secure and to protect our privacy at the same time. Already, several security issues have been found using objects present in many homes. For instance, hackers took over 100,000 IoT devices and used them in a DDoS attack to block traffic to well-known websites, including Twitter and Netflix. Security solutions are needed to ensure data will not be tampered with or accessed unduly by third parties.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of connected home solutions will be linked to a “certified ecosystem.”