TO136 Integration

Trusted Objects is supporting its customers for their time-to-market objectives and with technical resources needed to integrate security from the design phase onwards.
For these reasons, Trusted Objects offers its customers a comprehensive approach of their security integration which decreases the integration effort and minimizes the impact on the time-to-market.
Fast and easy integration of the Trusted Objects embedded security solutions:
  • Host-side software with code source to get access to the TO136 Secure Element
  • Server software based on standard cryptographic library
In addition, Trusted Objects works with partners to simplify the end-to-end security implementation from the connected devices to the cloud:
  • Qualification of the TO136 on LoRaWAN infrastructure ensuring 100% compatibility including keys provisioning
  • Secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) implementation and easy provisioning schemes handling the TLS  between a device and a server (microcontrollers stacks and server APIs)