TO136 Secure Element

The TO136 Secure Element is a tiny component connected as an I2C peripheral to the host MCU (Microcontroller Unit) of a connected device and featuring:
  • Securely hosting certificates, secret keys and other customer data
  • Handling of cryptography functions
  • Personalization with certificates and secret keys
The TO136 Secure Element is adapted to IoT applications, including:
  • Trusted Objects’ secure firmware platform
  • Safran-StarChip’ secure microcontroller
The TO136 is based on the state-of-the-art secure hardware designed for connected devices, featuring:
  • High security level: EMVCo certified, CC EAL5+ certifiable
  • Powerful 32-bit secure core with secure AES accelerator
  • Flexible full Flash product with 136 Kbytes
  • Optimized architecture to address native application
  • Ultra-low power consumption in static and dynamic mode
  • Small footprint with DFN6 package 3x3 mm
IoT covers around ten vertical markets and a lot of applications. All these applications face different threats and risks. The direct result is the requirement for an adapted security solution.
Trusted Objects secure firmware platform is configurable and enables tailored security solutions fitting the various security requirements of IoT applications.