Use Case – Asset tracking

Universal connectivity – Asset protection

Trusted Objects proposes solutions including hardware, firmware and services that provide high-end hardware-based security for a cost consistent with the value of the tracked object and the risk level associated with its applications. With its partners, Trusted Objects provides an end-to-end approach including Secure Elements, personalization and end-to-end management of the asset tracking sensors and tags. 
Business operations need more and more tracking of their assets both in terms of location and of condition of the asset. Tracking and tracing goods, equipment, fleets, animals and more allow companies to reduce risk, save money and create new revenue streams. Thanks to a permanent monitoring of their assets and real-time usage information, companies are able to develop a more efficient usage of the devices and objects they manage. In case of dysfunction, failure or security issues a permanent tracking allows a timely response from the company management system. In addition, a permanent monitoring of company’s assets allows optimizing device lifecycle and to locate and identify lost or stolen items.
Track and Trace applications also play a role in Smart Farming as high tech is becoming prevalent in farms worldwide. The future of Agri-IoT is in collecting and analyzing big data in agriculture in order to maximize efficiency.
Track and trace applications deal with highly valuable data as they play a central role in asset management. Some of these assets are involved in life critical applications. For instance, tracing medical goods, gas containers, vehicles, etc. is directly related to life critical issues. Also, tracking assets is at the core of an efficient corporate management. For these reasons, an optimal level of security needs to be implemented in all Track and Trace applications.

The asset management system market is expected to reach US$ 25.55 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.17% between 2016 and 2022. (source : Markets and Markets)