TESIC Secure Element

Secure Element

TESIC SE is a Secure Element built on an asynchronous secure hardware platform designed by Tiempo Secure and on Trusted Objects secure firmware TOSF.

TESIC SE key features: 
Key features
  • 16/32 bit CPU proprietary core
  • 300K bytes embedded secure Flash
  • Cryptography: ECC 521 , RSA up to 4K, AES up to 256 bits, TRNG
  • Handling of cryptography functions: AES 256, ECC P-256(NIST), SHA256, HMAC, AES-CMAC, OBKG…
  • Securely hosting certificates, secret keys and other customer data
  • I2C slave, 1Mb/s
  • Ultra low power (< 70nA sleep mode)
  • Communication to host CPU: 350ms<Time<400ms
Security certification
  • Hardware design environment: CC EAL 5+
  • Certifiability: target CC EAL 6+
Trusted Objects embedded secure firmware is configurable and enables tailored security solutions fitting the various security requirements of IoT applications.