Market requirements

According to ABI Research, by 2022, an estimated 70% of the 57 billion connected devices will be of the IoT variety, with at least 20% that will have embedded security on board to protect secrets such as keys or passwords. 

Provisioning securely those secrets into the device could become a real challenge in the complex IoT value chain, with potential risks of IP theft, data breaches or counterfeiting.
The existing secure provisioning solutions have been set for large volumes and standardized applications; as such, they are not always suitable to IoT market which is highly fragmented and not standardized.
Another challenge is to identify when the  IoT deployment will drastically accelerate; as a result, there is still some hesitation to invest in new and expensive secure provisioning equipment.
Based on its long experience in security and in IoT market, Trusted Objects have developed the TOPS architecture, a scalable and integrated solution for IoT secure provisioning.