Security Policy

As the 3rd digital revolution is underway,  there is an acceptance that Security and Privacy are the top challenges on the road. Trust relies on robust security policies. 

Securing the connected device
As the IoT market is still at the early stage and is very fragmented , there is no unique security standard that can be used and recognized as a reference.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major breakthrough allowing to collect critical data that can be used to fuel digital transformation across the enterprise. This revolution will only happen if the Internet of Things is secure. Keeping the IoT Secure is the core essence of Trusted Objects. We not only provide security solutions for our customers but also implement the most stringent security policies in house, in order to protect our expertise and intellectual property as well as to ensure all customer data is treated with the highest care and the best security measures. 

Security is a core value for Trusted Objects, so we have decided to ensure that all our solutions and services are compliant with recognized standards ISO 15408-CC and ISO 27002 . We have set up our  own security framework to protect data, environment and products. This framework has been developed in cooperation with a highly esteemed ITSEF security lab.

Trusted Objects security expertise is based upon years of experience in all aspects of security coming from the secure transactions industry: SIM cards, banking cards, ePassports, etc.